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Wether you require the delivery and installation of new workstations, cubicles and office furniture to your new or existing space or need to reconfigure your existing workstations, cubicles and furniture in a complicated 6 floor restack or a simple 6 office internal, Precision Placement has the systems, services and experience to plan, manage and execute your unique relocation on time and on budget. 
We consider ourselves the systems furniture and case  - goods managers of you corporate installation team and have a few very simple goals in mind….deliver and install your new or existing furniture in a well planned and methodical sequence in order for the employees to populate the new space or move the employees out of the existing furniture, disassemble, move and reassemble it as quickly as possible so they can sit down and get back to work.

Furniture Installation

* On Site Survey and of your facility to determine the manufacturer of your workstations, cubicles and office furniture.
* Project Planning
* Project Management
* Creation of project budgets
* Creation of installation schedule
* Deliver and stage the furniture to the properly area or floor.
* Strip and remove packaging from the floor.
* Field measure and verify the critical dimensions where the furniture is to be installed.
* Install all furniture based on the authorized installation plan
* Level all work surfaces in workstations.
* Level all desks and overhead in executive office suites.
* Test all drawers and overhead bins to assure they open and close easily.
* Test all keys and locks to assure they work properly.
* Test electrical connectivity of all task lights
* Test electrical connectivity of all panel to panel, electrical connectors.
* Wipe down and remove dust, and debris from all furniture
* Workstation Panel/fabric cleaning services
* Punch list survey at the end of the installation to make sure all assets have been installed at 100% of the plan.