If you are expanding…it is addition, if you are contracting…..it’s subtraction…..if it is relocating from one floor to many floors…...it’s division and if it’s a merger and acquisition…it’s multiplication of departments and positions. 

* Create As Built Drawings of your existing space indicating the true dimension of your furniture.
* Reallocate and re engineer your existing furniture into your new floor plan.
* Field Measure and verify the new space.
* Measure and map the contents of your Spacesavers Units, filing systems, corporate library.
* Measure and map the shelving space in your new location.
* Measure and map the existing storage in each employees workstation and office.
* Measure and map the new storage in each employee workstations/office to assure it fits.
* Create purge campaign.
* Create fill ratio for all shelving.
* Create skid count in warehouses.
* Compile pallet racks and pallet positions in existing warehouse space.
* Create IT inventory.

Relocation Planning Services

With over 100 years of combined experience in the business of relocating and installing  companies' assets there is one thing that the leadership of Precision Placement has learned over the years: “Moving is math.” According to Merriam Websters definition “Mathematics is the science of numbers, quantities, and shape and the relations between them.” Welcome to the world and science of mathematics and moving!

Just about every component of a relocation either corporate, manufacturing or warehouse has a common denominator…..MATH! How many of this, how many of that, will this fit over here, or that fit over there, how long will it take, how many crates do we need to pack our belongings into, how many skids do we need to move, how many pallet racks do we need to build, how many shelves, how many inches between shelves, how many workstations,  how many desk top computers, how many dock stations, how many printers, how many copiers, refrigerators, microwaves, workbenches, files drawers, supply closets? How long will it take, how many trucks, how many men and last but not least…how much will it cost? If you have a full time staff of facilities professionals to manage your MAC and Project work or fortunate enough to have a person on staff who can dedicate themselves to managing the move as their only duty, and no other in house responsibilities……well they get to do the math work and determine all aspects of the who, what, where, when and how of your particular relocation.
If not…you may need a professional team with the experience and systems in place to help you and your team plan your relocation.  Precision Placement is just that team. Whether supporting a major project management team for a Global 50 Company of assisting the office manager of a 50 person office we are here to augment and supplement your team with our staff of professional relocation planners.

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