* On Site Survey of your IT assets.
* Project Planning
* Project Management
* Creation of project budgets
* Creation of IT move schedule
* Creation of color - coded numbering plan for phased relocation for the IT Team.
* Provide Inventory list to check off and indicate items disconnected at the origin workstation/office,  common area i.e. phone, printer, computer, docking station, etc.
* Use the same check - list to identify and assure all items have been delivered, placed and reconnected at the destination workstation/office, common area, etc.
* Provide Placement Sheet to indicate location of assets on new work surface.
* Test all equipment to make sure it is properly connected and operational.
* Computer bags for keyboard, PDA, mouse, docking station, peripherals, wires, etc
* Monitor Bags to seal monitors from outside elements
* Monitors disconnected/reconnected to monitor arms
* Pull wires/cables through grommets, place wires in wire management raceways, use plastic ties, etc. to bundle and place wiring as directed.
* Remove server components from server racks including glides as required,
* Hard Drives and other surplus equipment will be decommissioned, recycled and repurposed as required.
* Donation of designated, authorized equipment to schools, non profits

Technology Services

Wether you require the removal and delivery of a network printer for one floor to another or the disconnect, move and reconnect of 500 computers over one weekend move Precision Placement has the systems, services and experience to plan, manage and execute your unique relocation on time and on budget. 
IT drives modern business so it is imperative that your relocation partner  understands the most basic tools the most complex aspects of a corporate IT relocation. Precision Placement’s IT team understands the importance of this component of the move and is available to be part of your IT Team, by augmenting and supplementing your IT Team, with our own staff for a disconnect/reconnect or we can assume the full responsibility for the disconnect and reconnect of computers, printers, phones and other essential equipment ourselves.



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